Alumni Profile

Client: Oregon State University Engineering


Monica Morales is taking the environment by storm.  This statistically improbable engineer is part of the team bringing clean water to arid San Diego.

Web Page Content

Client: Y12 Federal Credit Union

This content was designed to present banking services in a clear, engaging, and practical way.

Speech with Live Artist Performance

Client: Crayola

This was a speech delivered by Crayola's VP of Sales during their annual sales meeting. The sales team was entertained by a live artist using all of Crayola's line of art products (Crayons, dry erase markers, Model Magic, and more) to inspire the sales team with "Everything Imaginable."

Print Campaign

Client: Lourdes Health System

The New York Times lauded Lourdes Health System, Camden, NJ, for reducing the time from ambulance to heart surgery to under an hour. This ad campaign included Facebook ads, a website splash page, banners and print displays/ads for the hospital. The takeway? When Minutes Count, Faster is Better!

Original Song

Client: Crayola

The principal in my junior high school constantly reminded students, "What you are to be, you are now becoming!" His voice came to mind years later, when Crayola asked me to write a song for their corporate visitor center.

The accompanying video portrayed a working mother looking through a pile  of her childhood artwork. She was touched to discover that the faded drawings of nurses, family trips and other memories became the blueprint of who she is today.


Client: Precision Roll Grinders

PRG is known as the leader in quality grinding services for any industry using rolls in their manufacturing process (think paper, specialty coatings, crush mills, etc). Their commitment to excellence stems from the teaching of W. Edwards Deming. 

If you're looking for something a little more technical, click here for a look at lithium ion battery production.

PA Safe Routes to School - Bicycle Laws 

I am always excited to write copy that influences better behavior. I'm sure this program helped save a few lives.

Gen7Pets Stroller Assembly Video

Gen7Pets needed an instruction video... My dog, Bob Mackie, liked the stroller so much, he starred in the production!

South Beach Diet

It's not about weight, it's about being healthy, right? This social video inspires real results with true stories!

Klutz/Lego Make Your Own Movie Kit

How much fun is it when your favorite part of this visuals-only script is also Lego's favorite part? We all love the dog!

A-Treat Beverages Commercial

I had just fifteen seconds to make you thirsty for the sweet, bubbly taste of A-Treat Black Cherry Soda. How'd I do?

American Water

An ancient, self-entertained water droplet helps kids understand the water cycle. 

Moody's Mega Math Challenge

The annual M3 gives enterprising high school students 24 hours to solve a trendy issue with applied mathematics.

ASTM Sports & Leisure

Standards Organizations spend a lot of time keeping safety at the forefront of entertainment and outdoor adventures.

Lourdes Health System Testimonial

I love helping others learn to improve lives. These testimonials are a wonderful way to encourage and support the Camden community.

Can't get enough? More industrial, commercial and broadcast video samples here.


Client: American Heritage Federal Credit Union

Federal Credit Unions are known for a proactive approach to educating their members. This blog post offers helpful advice about age appropriate ways kids can earn money.