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The Creative Backstory is a podcast that examines artists' processes - and the why behind what they do. From musicians and visual artists to designers and creative thinkers, my guests discuss their work, their favorite ways to get work done, and all the things that go into making art work in the real world. Hosted by Kelly Planer, a professional writer who dabbles in art and music, The Creative Backstory aims to tell the story behind the story - and get to the bottom of how art is made - and why it matters.


Episode 1

Bob McLeod

Bob McLeod is a comics legend, who's pencilled and inked across both Marvel and DC's universes... He's brought great moments in Spiderman's history to life... as well as Aquaman, The Incredible Hulk, and others. He talks today about his process, and the great lessons he's learned as a creative professional.


Episode 2

Lucky Platt

Artist, author, and illustrator Lucky Platt has a creative way of seeing the world, and often questions what she finds. In her first picture book, "Imagine a Wolf," Lucky introduces you to Wolf... who isn't what you think. 


Episode 3

Pamela Bastek

It's fun to discuss creative processes with someone who came up through the ranks. Pamela Bastek, owner of Prime Dress Designs in Agusta, New Jersey, achieved Irish Dance Success - with Open Championship level in CLRG. Today, she designs creative, functional Irish Dance dresses that truly break the mold, all the while, honoring the tradition of Irish dance.

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